Camelthorn impresses Sweden

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Beer needs people to enjoy it!

As a brewery it gives us so much joy when people love the brews that we produce. It makes all our hard work feel worth the effort and drives us to continue what we are doing, and to strive to do better. But it is also great when your distributors are as enthusiastic as if they’d been involved in the process from the beginning. In Sweden we have those kinds of people.

Henrik Bergquist, Hannes Berts and Jon Widegren are from First Signs of Water and have been working up a storm up north. Their company searches for unusual and quality beers from around the world and introduces them to Sweden’s beer lovers, and these lovers have found Camelthorn!

19 Glas logo

19 Glas in Stokholm Sweden

They saw their first delivery of Camelthorn to a real  top-notch restaurant called 19 Glas. They were one of three restaurants nominated in 2010 for one of Stockholm’s most prestigious restaurant prizes, and they have a pretty hardcore selection of beers including Cigar City and Port Brewing from the US. We tried out Red, Weizen and Bokbeer with them, and they wanted all three, but as Bok is only a seasonal beer, Weizen  will be their only wheat beer!

On the 19 Glas Facebook page some of their fans had this to say about our beer:

Grissida från Jord på Trynet och American Red Ale från Camelthorn!” (Side of pig from Jord på Trynet (the name of a company, I think) and American Red Ale from Camelthorn!)

Camelthorn Weizen och lufttorkad vildsvinskarre, öl från Namibia till svinet från Järna! (Camelthorn Weizen and air-dried loin of boar, beer from Namibia to pig from Järna – a rural area south of Stockholm)

In December one of Sweden’s top alcoholic beverages magazine’s reviewed our Bok Beer, and gave it a score of 90 points (out of 100), which puts Camelthorn Bok Beer in their category “very strong recommendation, a great beer” which we were very excited about.

CBC Bierwerk Rooibos lable

On it's way to the USA

Henrik also delivered a few samples of Bokbeer to another restaurant which is carrying the American Red Ale. They’re called Babajan and are a sterling beer place. Among their stuff is BeerHere, so they were of course very impressed when Henrik told them Camelthorn works with Christian Skovdal from BeerHere and Bierwerk.

Weizen in Sweden

Henrik's Camelthorn Weizen out in the cold

We were very pleased to receive an email from Henrik on the 24th of December – he had been to visit family up north and he took a photo of his Weizen at 63,5 degrees north latitude,  or just three degrees from the Arctic circle.

And the result is that this Weizen has been  further than any bottle of Camelthorn has ever gone before! Camelthorn  steadily marching on! And we certainly hope it didn’t go down any lower, but was enjoyed right there at that temperature!

We are grateful for all their efforts and are looking forward to many more positive reviews and happy Camelthorn drinkers.

Spreading the Namibian warmth and love across the world! So to all of you, and all your customers, we say Skål!

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