Camelthorn enjoyed at Cape Town Festival of Beer!


Over 100 beers under 1 tent!

This past weekend saw the South Easter blowing brew lovers through the gates of the Cape Town Festival of Beer. Hamilton’s Rugby Club’s field was covered in a huge horse shoe marquee sponsored by SAB and once again, SA’s craft brewers and micro breweries were invited to come together and share their beers and their passion with Cape Town beer enthusiasts and soon-to-be-enthusiasts.

This year, the Camelthorn Brewing Company stand was manned by our Cape Town Team, The Beer Garden SA and my boet, Hanno, who popped in from time to time as he has hurt his back (no doubt from carrying Camelthorn beers instead of drinking them).

Lenny from the Beer Garden SA behind the CBC stand at Cpe Town Fest of Beer

Service with a smile

Set up on Thursday was chilled and so was our beer, so when gates opened at noon on Friday, we were ready and waiting to offer our range of Weizen, Fresh, Helles, Red Ale, Bok and our newest addition, Sundowner to a buzzing tent full of people.

We love pleasing our beer fans and this year, we were once again able to tantalize the taste buds of the festival goers. This was evident in the responses that we received from fans both old and new. One group of ladies who were directed to CBC by a SAB brewer (they could not mention names) as in his opinion, it was the best beer at the festival and was he right in their opinion? A resounding YES! Another moment that stood out to us was when a gentleman brought his son to the festival after attending last year specifically to taste CBC. They both loved their tasters and continued through the tent to sample wares from the other breweries. Once they had tasted all the other beers on offer, they came back to CBC to buy their first pint as in their opinion, it was “still the best beer at fest”.

Luce Corne tweeting about CBC at CTFoB

A very brave not so large lady tasted 100 beers in 3 days!

There were a few very daring people who attempted to taste 100 beers in 3 days at the festival and one person who DID manage that was Lucy Corne. Here’s what she said about some of our beers:
40. Camelthorn Sundowner Lager Balanced, crisp, summer winner. As u know, lager not my beer of choice, but not bitter, nice carbonation.”
54.  Camelthorn Fresh. Esters on nose, 2.5%, uber-light weiss. No punch-you-in-the-face flavours but ideal for beer beginners.”
55. Camelthorn Weiss. Not as full bodied or estery as I like. Great session beer.”
56. Camelthorn Red American Ale. Divine full favoured beer, good dose of hops but not too much – ideal for the aspiring #hophead”

CBC on Namibian Dunes

Namibia's finest!

After all was said and done, it was a great festival yet again and although our team were tired after a long weekend of serving fantastic beer to enthusiastic fans, it is good to know that there are a few more Real Beer drinkers out there now and a good portion of them will have fond memories of our Namibian beer range.

We’re looking forward to next year’s event and with 365 brewing days from now until then, who knows what we might have on offer for you to taste then! So, until then, cheers!

One comment on “Camelthorn enjoyed at Cape Town Festival of Beer!

  1. Lucy says:

    Thanks guys! It was a wonderful weekend!

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